Precious and rare is a soul that pours her knowledge, her compassion and her love into creating a product that is the essence of who she is. Every creation lovingly handcrafted, from her amazing radiation salve, lip balms, and her moisturizing creams, brings comfort and healing to those who are battling cancer. Michelle V. Brown is a Rare Gem and the Cancer Association of Anderson is blessed by her generously sharing her gift of healing with those who need it most. On a personal note, I am beyond thankful to call her FRIEND.

Angela Stringer, Executive Director Cancer Association of Anderson

On behalf of our radiation oncology patients, we are happy to report high satisfaction levels with this salve.  Patients’ complaints of skin redness, irritation, and itchy skin (which are common side effects of some radiation treatments) have decreased in intensity and in some cases, have completely diminished after just 1 or 2 uses.  We are pleased with this product for our patients and highly recommend for those that may experience skin reactions to radiation treatments.  Our patients that have benefited from this salve include those diagnosed with breast, head, neck, and skin cancers.  100% recommend!!

Danette Jones, RN and Leander Cannick, MD, AnMed Radiation Oncology

He is absolutely loving it already!! He put it in the fridge and said it feels so good!!

Teresa W.

I just wanted to thank you again for the salve that you sent me for my breast during my radiation. It worked great. I went for my 6 month check up today; mammogram, breast specialist and medical oncologist. They were all amazed at how well my incisions healed and how great my breast looks after radiation. No redness, scars or anything. I bragged about you!

Vickie S.

I am thankful to have more salve – I really do love it!

Melissa G.

The salve seems to be working good for my skin. I do believe by me putting the salve on my skin before and after treatments is definitely helping! Thank you!

Melissa G

I do believe your salve has kept me from getting blisters.  That has surprised the doctors that I don’t have the blisters.  You have been a blessing to me.

Karen H.

I love the salve, it has worked great at calming down the skin.  It is definitely a skin soothing salve.

Anna M.

I told them at the cancer center that this has been my saving grace.  I’ve been given other stuff to use but nothing works as good as what you make.  It even works on burn burns — steam burned my finger cooking;  I put your salve on and within ten minutes the burn stopped.

Davie O.

When I feel that tingle I immediately put on your salve and it goes away about ten minutes later.  Thank you so much.  You are a blessing!

Davie O.

I did receive the salve.  It has worked wonders on my skin.  Almost overnight the skin went from bright red and blustery to less red.

Karen H.