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Did you know that there isn’t a regulated definition for the word “natural” in skincare products?    “Natural” means whatever the manufacturer/seller of the product determines it to mean.   In addition, natural isn’t always good for your skin (such as poison ivy!)

Yes, the vast majority of SkinValessence ingredients are indeed derived from nature.   But in order to make safe and effective products, a very  limited number of ingredients are what’s referred to as “nature-identical”.  This means that the ingredient can be found in nature but has been created in a lab to be an exact (or really close) replica.  These ingredients are not only good for the skin, but they’re more sustainable — when an ingredient is found in nature, but only in small amounts, we can rely on nature-identical ingredients to help us be more environmentally responsible.

Common nature-identical ingredients (which have fabulous skin benefits) are Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, d-Panthenol, and various forms of Vitamins A and C.  

Glad you asked!   “SkinValessence” is actually a word I made up, but its definition is very real:   SkinValessence is a period of time during which an illness, disease or condition has negatively impacted the skin’s comfort, appearance and overall health.   SkinValessence products offer a path back to healthy, comfortable skin by using amazingly effective plant-derived ingredients to support the skin’s microbiome, thus soothing your skin and softening your journey.

* “Illness, disease or condition can encompass anything that disturbs the skin’s microbiome – such as oncology treatments, medications, recent surgeries, environmental influences, dietary choices or just living with sensitive skin on a daily basis.

FRAGRANCE (gasp!):  You’ll notice that some SkinValessence products may contain “fragrance”.   Don’t worry — IT’S FROM PLANTS!   Which is vastly different than synthetic fragrance.

Ever notice how those cinnamon brooms at craft stores trigger your allergies, yet baking with cinnamon doesn’t?  That’s because the cinnamon on the brooms is a synthetic fragrance while the baking cinnamon is the real deal.

Great strides have been made in the fragrance world to accommodate scent-sensitive customers like you and me.   I love formulating with pure, natural essential oils for their skin benefits and aroma.  But in addition, there are now non-synthetic fragrance options that come from plant sources.  These are perfect for those individuals who love “big box store” scents but tend to be sensitive to them due to their synthetic origin.

In addition, some SkinValessence products have neither essential oils nor natural fragrance oils added, should that be your preference.  Please note that the natural aroma of the plant ingredients may still be slightly noticeable.

SkinValessence products help balance your skin’s microbiome.  With ingredients that are calming, soothing, strengthening and anti-inflammatory, you’ll feel comfortable and confident in your skin.

Great question!   Basically, your skin has lots and lots of microorganisms living on it like bacteria, fungi and viruses.   But don’t worry!   Not all microorganisms are bad.  These are actually part of the physical layer that protects your skin from harm.   They keep your skin slightly acidic (which germs don’t like) to prevent infection.  They’ve also been found to help heal wounds and control bad inflammation.

Various skin concerns can arise as a result of your skin’s microbiome being stripped or disrupted (like from the overuse of exfoliants, hand sanitizers, or products that aren’t pH balanced for example).  SkinValessence products are formulated to help protect your skin’s microbiome.